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Pragmatic Play Live Game : Vegas Ball Bonanza

Updated: Mar 24

Vegas Ball Bonanza Vegas Ball Bonanza™ is an exciting and dynamic game show hosted by Pragmatic Play’s best-in-class presenters, featuring familiar mechanics with a thrilling twist.

Players are invited to select tickets, each featuring a 3×3 grid containing nine numbers, which they must match with the balls that are randomly drawn by the game’s tumbling device. The combination of matched numbers makes a payout pattern.  Players can collect up to 4 lines or get a Full House pattern giving back 250 times as much as their stake!

Each game round is packed with additional thrills as players can randomly draw Lucky Numbers which activate random Bonus Multipliers. Plus, the game’s two Bonus Balls have the power to transform gameplay! The Star Ball activates all Bonus Multipliers at once, while the Wild Ball triggers additional balls to be drawn, extending the round duration and giving players more chances to win.



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